Monday, 14 January 2019

13/01/19 - Starling murmurations in Nobber

I took another trip over to check out this spectacle and it definitely wasn't a wasted journey.
I spent the time shooting some video clips and have made a poor attempt at merging them together.
It looked as if the show wan't going to be as spectacular this evening as there were only relatively small flocks of birds flying around. They were staying further away than previous evenings as well.
Then just as the last light shone across the county Meath hillside, 2 large groups flew in and put on an amazing display. It definitely is a fantastic spectacle. I hope that Paddy Byrne doesn't hear this or he might recognise the music.


  1. Brilliant , would have been some sight. Were they loud ???

    1. They were very loud by the time the 2 large groups arrived near the end of the video