Photography Gear

I have to say, I'm a mirroless convert, having been a DSLR convert, a digital compact convert and a film user in the past. 
I've had a Canon EOS mirrorless camera for the past few years.
I sold my DSLR gear at the beginning of 2018 as my enthusiasm for photography had been depleted after a 3 year stint providing photos for a local website called, I shot over 85,000 photos during that 3 year stint.

I switched to an EOS M50. I loved that camera and it managed to reignite the spark for photography. The main thing holding back that system was the lack of decent lens options and I was keenly waiting during the summer,hoping that Canon would make some announcements around Photokina in September. 
They did make a big mirrorless announcement there, but it was for the EOS R, which was fundamentally flawed in my opinion by the lack of in body image satabilisation
I followed the reports for a few weeks and noticed  a pattern where the EOS R was being compared to the Sony cameras. I realised that I could "get back in the game" with a secondhand Sony system. 


I picked up this beauty on 05/01/19. What can I say, it's an absolutely fantastic piece of kit.
It's going to take some bit of learning, the autofocus system is incredible.
Even after using this machine for almost 3 months, I'm blown away by how usable this camera is.

A7ii - retired on 05/01/19
24 MP full frame sensor, what more could a body ask for?
OK, Touchscreen would be nice and a faster AF system would be great.
Maybe someday I will get an A7iii and then I will have the best camera in the world (IMHO).


85mm F1.8 Sony
28mm F2 Sony 
28 - 70 Sony
24 - 240 Sony


I'm a big fan of Godox equipment having owned a couple of models over the last few years. They offer better functionality than the camera brand models at a fraction of the cost. The main thing that attracted me to the Godox gear was the built in rechargeable battery.
My current set up is based on :


Godox V350S
This incredible machine provides full TTL control, manual modes, strobe modes, second curtain sync, rechargeable battery, built in radio receiver for a Godox transmitter.
All packed into a very compact unit.


Godox X Pro
Allows remote firing and control up to 100m
5 groups
16 channels
Allows the operating mode of the remote unit to be changed from the controller as well as allowing power adjustment in manual mode.


Godox AD200
I don't know where to start with this machine.
I absolutely love the flexibility when using this with the X-Pro