Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Ardee Railway Station Goods Platform Restoration

Some photos and videos of the restoration of the Ardee Railway Station Goods platform by Dermot J Maguire

10 April 2019 

It's great to see that the restoration work for the goods platform has been completed by Dermot J Maguire. Its a credit to him to be be able to restore this important piece of the town's history to such good condition.

Here's a short video of the restored platform. Its a credit to Dermot.

27 February 2019

A few photos and a video from a drone test flight this evening along the railway platform that is under restoration. I plan to add more to this post as time goes on, although the work is nearly complete at this stage.

Click here to see the video - Ardee Railway Station Platform Restoration Video

Here's 2 photos I took in 1995 where the platform is visible. I climbed to the top of the grain tower that day.

27th March 2019

The big day arrived, as Ardee Precast Concrete delivered the final pour of concrete.

21st March 2019 

Some photos taken during the final week of preparation for the final pour of concrete to restore the platform to it's former glory.

March 2019 Photos

February 2019 photos

This photo was taken in August 2016 with a basic drone. There's been big changes since then.

March 2018 Photos

Here's some photos that I took in March 2016


  1. Fab photos Adrian. Is it the railway platform their restoring?

    1. Well My dear.
      It is indeed, it was crumbling away until about 4 years ago when Dermot got involved. He's turned what was basically a wasteland into a nice civic amenity for people to ramble around.
      See you soon.