Sunday, 5 May 2019

05/05/2019 - 2019 VJMC Show

The VJMC Show is always one of the highlights of the year for me and even though today's visit was short, it was really well worth it. There was plenty to see and some nice bikes too.....

I was admiring this immaculate RVF 400 as I was shooting it, then I noticed that it had been signed by the man himself, Joey Dunlop. I enquired about how that happened and found out that Joey was caught speeding on this bike in Australia in 1998 ( aged 46 ... ). When he was stopped the policeman asked him "Who do you think you are, Joey Dunlop?". You can imagine his surprise when Joey took the helmet off. 

They cater for riders of all ages at the VJMC Show !

I never knew there was a 250cc fireblade until today, it's a stunning machine 

The business end of a racing side car

It must get very warm in the 'cockpit' ...

Not much is standard on this RD350LC.  

I think I'd sponsor a bale for the Loughshinney club if they'd ask me to....  

Who the f*ck is Alice ?

A 12 month restoration project undertaken by one of the VJMC members. He has 14 Honda 50/70/90s .... 

Anyone who watched the Toy Show on RTE last December might recognise this bike, It's the one that Ryan Tubridy rode on his entrance to the show.

I still love these machines, there are so many unusual and quirky things about it. 

The Autojumble section was very busy throughout the day 

The name City Spares has a great heritage in the hearts of bikers of a certain age.

Bryan Tynan proved that he can still pull the birds when he needs to. That's a couple of Magpie chicks that he has in his hands, he had them in an incubator in the top box of his Gold Wing.

I have some history with an XL125S 'back in the day' and its not good. First bike, first crash, pieces of metal still in my body.

Hats off to Leoni and her friends who've worked tirelessly to get the Kells Road Races back on the calendar this year. The race takes place in 6 weeks time

It was worth another picture ....
The Ducati display was drop dead gorgeous

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