Tuesday, 21 May 2019

21/05/19 - Ardee Cycling League Round 2 - The return of the king

Round 2 of the 2019 Ardee Cycling League was held over the formidable Dromin circuit. It was a nail biting finish with last weeks winner James McMorrow having to settle for second place behind Gary Gorman, by only a few cm. Andy McAfee fought hard to take 3rd place.

It was impossible to not be delighted for Gary , who said the victory meant so much to him as it was a significant milestone on his road to recovery after the horrific racing accident 2 years ago which saw him confined to a wheelchair for 12 weeks. He said his greatest fear at that point was that he would never ride a bike again and it was quite obvious how much of a relief it was for him.
I decided to have a look at the speeds that some of the riders recorded, the average speed of the first 2 was over 40 kmh with max speeds over 65 kmh. I didn't bother looking at any more after that!

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